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When you have a cough or a sore throat, it’s natural to reach out for the nearest soothing lozenge to feel better. Cannabis lozenges fill much of the same role—only better. In this post, we’re going to look at Canna-Soothe and its array of lozenges empowered by the effects of THC and CBD.

What Exactly Does Lozenge Mean?

Before we get too deep into this Brand Spotlight, we’re going to answer one longstanding question: what exactly is a lozenge? There’s actually more than one meaning to the word. Back in medieval times, the term could refer to a diamond-shaped coat of arms that featured a diamond with an unmarried woman’s symbol in them. The meaning of “lozenge” can also refer to a diamond- or rhombus-shaped polygon.

What we’re looking for though, is the more common meaning of the term. Today, lozenges are any sort of small pill or tablet designed to help soothe a sore throat. These tablets originally got their name from their rhombus or diamond shape, but now can appear in any form. Those are exactly the type of lozenges that Canna-Soothe focuses on, particularly the THC- and CBD-infused varieties.

Canna-Soothe Cannabis Lozenges

Canna-Soothe: The Background

Canna-Soothe can trace its origins all the way back to 2003. At the time, Canna-Soothe’s CEO and founder Jeffrey Kolsky had just discovered cannabis-infused hard candy. The first time he encountered one of these useful treats, he was instantly hooked. At that point, he set off on a mission to “sativa the world,” in his own words. He released his own line of cannabis lozenges a few years later.

Canna-Soothe Cannabis Lozenges

Canna-Soothe is the ultimate culmination of Kolsky’s hard work. The company offers a variety of lozenges, which utilize the power of both THC and CBD.

One unique and admirable thing about Canna-Soothe is the way the company uses the natural flavors of the strains in its edibles. It’s very intentional. The company chooses cannabis strains that specifically compliment the flavors of the lozenge it’s trying to create. For example, their strawberry offering makes use of Sour Diesel to really make its taste pop.

That’s not the only criteria that Canna-Soothe uses to choose its strains, though. The company also picks its genetics based on its indica/sativa profiles. Both of these genetic lines have reputations for different effects. While sativas generally have euphoric and energizing effects, indicas have more relaxing properties. Canna-Soothe uses different strains for different lozenges to emphasize each of these different effects.

Lozenges Made With THC and CBD

The main ingredients in all of Canna-Soothe’s cannabis lozenges are CBD and THC. As you probably know, both of these compounds are also main active ingredients in cannabis. However, they both play different roles.

It’s well-known that THC provides cannabis with its psychoactive properties. Meanwhile, CBD works in the background and may be able to reduce anxiety and swelling, among a variety of other effects. Canna-Soothe has dialed in its THC and CBD ratio so these ingredients can work together to enhance their effects, a phenomenon known as the “Entourage Effect.”

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