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Rick Simpson medical cannabis oil closeup in front of cannabis flower

Who is Rick Simpson and What is Rick Simpson Oil?

If you have read anything at all about medical cannabis, you’ve probably heard of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). RSO is a highly potent concentrate invented by, you guessed it, Rick Simpson, a great medical marijuana activist still alive today.  In this guide, we will answer some of the most common questions about Rick Simpson Oil…

A charcuterie board surrounded by quality cannabis edibles

A Guide to Cannabis Edible Dosage

How to Determine the Potency of Cannabis Edibles and Find the Right Dosage for You We’ve come a long way since the days of the “pot brownie” thanks to the rising popularity of cannabis edibles. Nowadays you can find breath mints, chocolates, cooking oil, gummies, and so many more cannabis-infused edibles at a medical dispensary….

Medicinal cannabis growing outdoors in the full sun

Is Cannabis Terroir Important?

How Terroir Affects the Quality, Benefits, and Characteristics of Cannabis Strains Visit any winery in Napa Valley and an expert vintner will proudly describe the unique aromas and taste profiles of their wines. These exclusive qualities and characteristics are known as the wine’s terroir, and they are established by the environment the grape’s are grown…

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Grand Opening!

Thank you to all that attended our grand opening event at Abide Napa! We were so thrilled to celebrate with everyone. We cannot express our gratitude for all of our partners, patients and friends that helped make our grand opening a huge success! Remember, you log loyalty points with us for every dollar you spend…

Abide Napa Grand Opening Event!

Happening March 12th thru March 14th from 9am-8pm all weekend long! Join us at our store located at 1963 Iroquois St in Napa and enjoy music, vendors, food, great deals, and more at our socially distanced outdoor event. Free giveaways and raffles all weekend! Event Lineup Friday 9am-12pmFree coffee and donuts* 12pm-8pmFree tacos from Tacos Don…

Medical cannabis growing outdoors in rare California appellations

What are Cannabis Appellations?

In this guide, we’ll outline exactly what California cannabis appellations are, and how they benefit our local cannabis farmers and consumers.