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An iconic strain created right here in California, Blue Dream is a patient favorite and highly sought after for its deeply relaxing yet euphoric effects. Learn more about why this strain flies off the shelves here at Abide Napa.

Blue Dream Cannabinoid Profile

When buying Blue Dream flower, you can expect to see Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels of around 18% to 22%. This strain also has considerably high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), averaging around 2%. That may seem low, but that’s a significant amount for a cannabinoid that isn’t THC. You’ll also find elevated Cannabigerol (CBG) levels in this strain.

Blue Dream Terpene Profile

Myrcene is the top terpene in Blue Dream, coupled with high levels of beta-caryophyllene and pinene. This terpene trio is known for its pain-relieving and stress-busting effects.

What Is This Strain’s Lineage?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that descends from the indica Blueberry and the sativa Haze. Initially bred in California and believed to have originated from the state’s medical cannabis community, Blue Dream caught on across the U.S. and has quickly become one of the most popular strains on the market.

What Does Blue Dream Look Like?

True to its name (but not named for its color), Blue Dream offers some blue shades among the bright greens and bits of purple throughout its flower. Shocks of orange hairs stand out strikingly against this color backdrop.

Blue Dream flower is typically a frosty bud. Expect a thick coating of trichomes alongside the memorable colors.

Blue Dream’s Taste and Smell

A nod to its Blueberry lineage, fruity and berry scents and flavors dominate in Blue Dream. Citrus, skunk, and pepper are also notable.

How Blue Dream Makes You Feel

A soothing and relaxing body high is the hallmark of Blue Dream. These sensations are coupled with a cerebral experience and a sense of euphoria. You’re unlikely to feel mentally clouded with Blue Dream in your rotation.

Why Do Medical Patients Appreciate Blue Dream?

Blue Dream’s elevated CBD content, along with its effect on pain and anxiety, make this strain a great option for patients in search of a daytime medicine. Moderate THC content coupled with elevated CBD is unlikely to leave you couch-locked, so you can continue to focus, work, and go about your day while medicated. It’s no surprise, then, that this strain is believed to have come from California’s medical community.

Cannabis Strains Similar To Blue Dream

Do you know you like Blue Dream and want to try something similar? If you’re searching for something new or looking for a substitute when Blue Dream isn’t available, these strains can come close to the experience you’re looking for.

  • Super Silver Haze: Blue Dream and this strain share Haze in its lineage, but the similarities go beyond that. These two strains have similar average THC contents and share myrcene as a dominant terpene. Super Silver Haze’s high is also described as euphoric mentally but deeply relaxing physically.
  • Cherry Cake: These fruity-named strains share similar moderate THC levels, with Cherry Cake’s THC level averaging around 17%. You can also expect a myrcene-dominant terpene profile with this strain.

Shop Blue Dream at Abide Napa

Come for the vineyards, stay for the cannabis. Take a quick ride up State Route 121 or State Route 29, and you’ll find Abide Napa ready and open seven days a week for your Blue Dream products. Your Blue Dream options on our menu include:

There’s a reason we were voted the Best of North Bay by Bohemian magazine: Our owners are legacy operators proud to bring their unmatched passion for the plant to the heart of downtown Napa. Shop with Abide today and experience the difference!


Is Blue Dream Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Blue Dream is a true hybrid, descended from the indica Blueberry and sativa Haze strains.

Is Blue Dream Good For Daytime?

Yes! Blue Dream is a favorite among medical patients specifically because it’s good for daytime consumption. Your mind is unlikely to feel clouded when you try this strain.

Is Blue Dream a Strong Strain?

Blue Dream may not have the highest THC content on the market, but it’s no less powerful. Average potency ranges for this strain are more moderate, containing between 18% and 22% THC.

Does Blue Dream Make You Sleepy?

You’re not as likely to feel sleepy with Blue Dream as you might with other strains. Blue Dream is more known for its cerebral effects that keep you mentally alert while relaxing your body. This is not a hard and fast rule, though. Keep in mind that every person experiences cannabis differently, and what’s generally true may not be the case for you – and that’s OK!

Does Blue Dream Have Side Effects?

Any cannabis strain, including Blue Dream, can have unwanted side effects, particularly if you take too much. Consuming too much THC may make you anxious or paranoid. Cannabis can also cause dry mouth and dry eyes. The best way to mitigate these side effects is to take it slow and see how you feel to avoid overconsumption.

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