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FAQs: Get Answers to Your Questions

Do I need a MMJ recommendation to shop at Abide?

No! As of March 29th, we are serving adult-use. Meaning all you need is an ID and be over the age of 21.

What do I need to bring with me as a first time visitor?

First time visitors must provide a valid photo ID from any state or a valid passport that shows they are of legal age.

If you’re under 21, you need a medical marijuana recommendation. When you come to see us for the first time as a medical patient, we need to see your California ID (or your current photo ID and proof of CA residency) and your original medical marijuana recommendation with your doctor’s signature. If you have an MMIC, please bring that with you as well. Please note: All patients and customers must be checked in by 9 PM. We want to make sure you have time to see everything we have to offer and ask any questions you may have, but we do have to check in customers and patients before 9 PM. Please arrive with enough time to get signed up with us!

Why do I need to show my MMJ recommendation and/or photo ID every time?

Abide is a licensed medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, which means we must comply with all state and local laws. This includes verifying that anyone who enters the budroom is either 21 years of age or is a legal MMJ patient. We do this by checking that every person has a valid photo ID and a valid MMJ recommendation if they are a medical patient. If you were to be stopped on your way home from visiting Abide and you had product but no proof of being an MMJ patient or of legal age to purchase recreational cannabis, you might get in trouble.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Nope! No appointment is necessary. However, if you are new to cannabis and would like a more in-depth consultation with one of our highly trained cannabis sommeliers you can schedule a consultation by calling into the dispensary.

Where can I park?

We offer free parking directly behind our shop and on the main street Iroquois. You will see signs that indicate parking for Abide; please do not park in the surrounding business parking lots. These spots are reserved for surrounding businesses customers only and your car may be towed if you park there.

How does your loyalty program work?

Here at Abide, we offer a loyalty points program. You will receive 1 point for every dollar you spend (before tax). Your points are connected to your account, so no need to keep track of any punch cards or coupons! You may redeem one reward per visit with any donation. 250 points: $10 off your order. 500 points: $20 off your order. 1000 points: $40 off your order

Do you offer veterans discounts?

Abide is extremely grateful to all the men and women who have served in our armed forces! We believe that our veterans deserve affordable, safe access to cannabis, which is why we offer 10% off of every order for veterans! Simply show your veteran ID to your cannabis sommelier to receive this discount.

What is your return policy?

If a product is defective/broken (not as a result of misuse), you may return it to Abide within 7 days of purchase with the original receipt, and we will exchange it for a working product. All returns are for store credit only. We do not accept returns on flower. If you are returning a vape cartridge, you must physically provide the battery you use with the cartridge to ensure you are using proper hardware and settings. We cannot accept cartridge returns/exchanges without user battery present. Cartridge must be defective. Broken/shattered cartridges or damages resulting from improper operation will not be accepted. Battery must comply with vaporizer cartridge specifications. (No more than 3.0-4.2 voltage output.) Cartridges will not be accepted if oil leaks due to being left upside down or left in hot temperatures. Partial returns/portions of oil are acceptable if cartridge has failed or become defective before using the totality of oil. Expected disposable battery life is one month. No returns will be accepted one month after purchase due to battery failure. Pax Vaporizers cannot be returned to Abide. Please contact Pax directly for more information about their warranty and repairs. If you have questions about our return policy, please feel free to email us at info@abidenapa.com.

What is a Cannabis Sommelier?

A Cannabis Sommelier is a cannabis professional that has a deep understanding and high level of experience with the cannabis plant and is a connoisseur of the industry.

Can I place an order ahead of time?

Yes! We offer online ordering. Visit our online menu to add products to your cart. When you come in to Abide to pick up your order, sign in at the front desk and let the receptionist know that you placed an online order. You will be directed to our express line to pick up your order. (Please note: All online orders must be paid for in-store and deals are only applicable on the day you pay for the order.)

How long are online orders held on for?

Online orders will be held for a maximum of 24 hours before being put back on the shelf. If you are unable to pick up your order within 24 hours, please place the order again before coming to the shop.

Can I pay with a credit card or debit card?

We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards including Apple & Google Pay. Please note, there is a $4 processing fee for debit and credit transactions.

We use physical terminals to process debit transactions (you need your PIN!), but we can also quickly text or email you a link to an invoice where you can pay with either debit, any credit card, or Google and Apple Pay. Just make sure your address on Apple Pay is up to date and matches your card, and that your zip code is correct. You can tip your budtender with any of these options.

Is my information safe?

Yes! Our POS system, Meadow, utilizes an outside company to follow HIPAA regulations, which means it protects individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. Meadow has appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization.

What are the taxes I see on my receipt?

All of our prices listed on our online menus and on labels in-store are pre-tax with the exception of the 15% state excise tax which is included in our advertised prices. Individuals who have an MMJ recommendation from a doctor will be charged a 5% local tax and 9.5% sales tax. (Total savings of 5% on local tax.) Individuals who obtain an MMIC (Medical Marijuana Identification Card) from the county will be charged a 5% local tax. (Total savings of 5-14.5% on local tax and sales tax.)

I have a California MMJ recommendation but an out of state ID. Can I still become a member of Abide? Do you accept out of state MMJ recommendations from other states?

Remember that you can shop at Abide with a valid photo ID if you are 21+ years of age, regardless of the state or country you are from.

In order to become a medical member of Abide Napa you must provide proof of California residency. We can accept a water bill, gas bill, electric bill, car registration that lists your CA address, or a California DMV interim license that includes your name and CA address. You must bring your proof of CA residency with you every time you come to see us. This is for your protection as you would need to provide this information in the event that you are ever pulled over and have your medicine with you without a CA ID. We cannot accept apartment leases as proof of CA residency. We do not accept MMJ recommendations from other states; you must have a valid California MMJ recommendation.

Can I fly with Cannabis products from San Francisco/ Oakland/ Sacramento airports?

Official San Francisco/ Oakland/ Sacramento Airport cannabis policy: “As of January 1, 2018, California law allows for individuals 21 years of age or older to possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for personal consumption. With the change in state law, the policy and procedures of the San Francisco/ Oakland/ Sacramento Airport Police Division (APD) regarding marijuana were updated to reflect this change. APD officers, who are California Peace Officers, have no jurisdiction to arrest individuals if they are complying with state law. However, airport guests should be aware that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening stations are under federal jurisdiction. Also, passengers should be aware that marijuana laws vary state by state and they are encouraged to check the laws of the states in which they plan to travel. You may not, however, fly with marijuana plants. Throughout the state of California, the transportation, cultivation, possession and use of medical marijuana is legal.

Do you have accessories?

We have a variety of different accessories to assist with your intake of your preferred cannabis medications. You can use rolling papers, pipe, water pipe/bong, vape pen or consume an edible. We also offer cannabis products in pill form and topicals that can be administered to the skin like a lotion to activate cannabis’ medical properties.

Where can I consume?

Although cannabis is now legal in California, it is not legal to consume in public places or to drive while under the influence. You should consume in a private location, such as your home, or a friend’s home or hotel.

What is the right Cannabis medication for me?

Starting your cannabis journey depends on each individual’s prior experiences. Find your comfort zone. Are you comfortable medicating with pre-rolls, edibles, extracts, tinctures, vape pens or flowers? These are good starting points, although some people are not comfortable with the idea of smoking or vaping. Edibles and tinctures are a good starting place for first-time cannabis users that prefer not to smoke. Tinctures and edibles are precisely measured out per unit and are much easier to track your THC and CBD intake levels. When you are intaking tinctures and edibles make sure you allow at least one hour to pass before taking another dose. Always start with a small amount if you are a beginner. We suggest microdosing. Microdosing is taking a very small amount of something to measure the benefit of its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects. For example, 2–5mg would be considered a small micro dose of cannabis. Once you are familiar with this amount you can then increase your dose if needed to achieve your desired effect. You can also use different strains to explore the various effects cannabis provides. Indica, sativa, and hybrid have different effects and they are each uniquely used to medicate a variety of needs.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

Abide takes the health and safety of its patients and employees very seriously. We have implemented multiple safety measures including sanitizing surfaces and limiting the number of patients in the store at a time. You are welcome to wear a mask when you shop with us.


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Abide observes the following holidays and will be closed:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)



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