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About Abide Napa: Our Journey in the Cannabis Industry

Located in the heart of downtown Napa, Abide passionately provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere and expert customer service to address your cannabis needs with an emphasis on relief and education.

Napa Valleys Cannabis Sommeliers

When it comes to marijuana products and strains, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our mission is simple: provide our customers with the highest quality cannabis products, at a fair price, from a compassionate, professional, knowledgeable staff. Our team goes through an intension two week training to ensure they know about all the properties of the plant. With our understanding of cannabis’ medical properties, terroir variations, and terpenes in our strains, we are your Napa cannabis sommeliers.

Abide Napa Tending Marijuana Crop

Our Story

Four men, different journeys, on the same path, trusting in a single plant to heal a nation. After successfully carving their own paths through the cannabis industry, Amos, Jerred, Micah, & Ty came together to combine their years of experience and knowledge to create Abide, a premier upscale dispensary here in Napa.

Growing up in the world famous wine & agricultural counties of northern California, the partners know what it takes to deliver the culture and products that a true cannabis connoisseur has grown to love. The combination of a comprehensive customer service team, clean environment, and quality products provides consumers with a new look into the developing cannabis market of the Napa Valley. We hope you’ll come visit us at Abide: the perfect location to pair your wine, culinary, and cannabis experience in the heart of the Napa valley.

Amos Flint

Amos Flint

Amos Flint was born in Alaska and moved to California in 2000. An entrepreneur at heart, Amos has owned and operated several successful businesses in Northern California over the years, including an award-winning nightclub in Sonoma County. Currently Amos owns and operates an engineering firm and a award-winning restaurant in downtown Santa Rosa. As a fourth generation farmer, Amos’ green thumb eventually led him to cultivating cannabis, where over 10+ years he developed a deep appreciation for quality and potency. With the opening of Abide Napa, Amos is gratified to see that his experience in the field continues to elevate and strengthen the industry in a truly impactful way.
Jarrod Kiloh

Jerrod Kiloh

Jerred has been a cultivator and political advocate for the cannabis industry for over 15 years. His journey began as a cultivator of The Green Cross, a legal dispensary in San Francisco, where he and the founder shared a similar vision in providing a valuable experience for their patients rather than just a product for sale. While developing the San Francisco industry, he sat on the Medical Cannabis Task Force and played an integral role in writing regulations and providing them to city officials to form the rules that still regulate the city’s industry today. Jerred soon expanded his operations to Los Angeles. In 2013 he assumed ownership at The Higher Path and began running operations with a focus on the medical side of the industry, targeting an older demographic who were looking for alternatives to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, diseases, and autoimmune disorders. 
Micah Malan

Micah Malan

Micah Malan is a modern day pioneer, entrepreneur, and activist specializing in cannabis production, music promotion, and live entertainment services. From business to activism, Micah’s Napa roots run deep. In 1996 he began lobbying for medicinal cannabis retail rights in Napa County. That same year, Micah was in a tragic car accident, leaving him paralyzed. Undeterred, at 25, Micah forged ahead with his business ventures, and in the following years he cofounded and joined several iconic businesses and organizations, including BottleRock and Napa PorchFest, before immersing himself in the cannabis industry. In 2014 Micah and dedicated friends formed ‘Napa’s Compassion Referendum,’ a committee determined to lift the moratorium on medicinal cannabis retail, which finally paid off in December, 2017. Micah later joined the board of Napa Valley Cannabis Association (NVCA), which works to preserve our agricultural heritage and protect our premium wine growing region. Now, Micah and his partners are proud to bring the City and County of Napa Abide, a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary with a focus on supporting sustainability and the local economy of Napa.
Ty Heldt

Ty Heldt

Ty Heldt has worked in agriculture for 22 years, specializing in low impact organic farming. Ty’s farming experience, commitment to detail and hard work successfully led him to design and build leading cannabis grow operations in Northern California. Ty’s cultivation experience naturally led/progressed into the creation and buildout of Abide Napa, where he is instrumental in providing high quality organic farm to table cannabis for the Napa community.
I believe in providing organic medicine from Napa’s rich soil and sun. I take an honest, authentic, approach to cultivating and dispensing. I believe medicine grown in the ground is the best, and the way it was intended to be grown and harvested. It should be packaged in sustainable or recyclable packaging. I believe in educating the patient and helping them find the right delivery and dosage for their medical or recreational needs. I am a strong believer in the symbiotic relationship between the human cannabinoid and the plant cannabinoid. Educating and guiding patients to their perfect cannabis product is my ultimate goal.

– Micah Malan, Co-Founder

Abide is a licensed medical and recreational dispensary. Click here to obtain your Medical Marijuana Recommendation card in less than 10 minutes!


Monday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm

Abide observes the following holidays and will be closed:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)



1963 Iroquois st.

Napa, CA 94559

Napa license: C10-0000417

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