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Explore Abide’s Private Reserve: Premium Cannabis Selection

Abide’s Private Reserve line of cannabis products is the result of decades of experience in the industry and a deep commitment to quality. Each product in this carefully curated line represents the finest selection of cannabis that Northern California has to offer. We take great care to ensure that every product in our private reserve line meets our high standards for potency, purity, and flavor. We source our cannabis from trusted local growers who share our passion for quality and sustainability, and we’re constantly expanding our product offerings to bring you the latest and greatest in cannabis innovation.

At Abide Napa, we believe that cannabis is a powerful tool for wellness and relaxation, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. With our private reserve line of products, you can trust that you’re getting the very best that NorCal has to offer. Try one of our products today and experience the Abide Napa difference for yourself.

Learn About Our Carefully Curated Product Line

Abides Reserve Pineapple Express (S) 29.3%

Abide specifically curated this particular phenotype of Pineapple Express for the active cannabis consumer. It provides a blast of energy that promotes focus, awareness, creativity and some euphoria. Giving you an energizing experience with revitalizing effects that will make you want to get out and explore the valley. Great for hot air balloon rides, biking/ walking around the valley, or pregaming for a wine tasting.

Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant strain  with THC content ranging anywhere from 25-28%. The hybrid cross Abide Pineapple Express is made from Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains and is 70% sativa, and 30% indica. You will detect mango, pineapple and hints of earthy mineral aromas & flavors in this flower. The body of the flower is dense and bright green in color with small clear trichomes and thick fuzzy fluorescent orange hairs. 

Typical Effects

 Creativity, Euphoria, Focus, Energy.

Common usage

Depression, Pain, Migraines.


Tropical, Fruity, Mango, Pineapple.


Fruity, Mango, Pineapple, Earthy Minerals.

Pairing Wine with Pineapple Express

We recommend a light to moderate white wine like chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. You will find similar Tropical fruity flavors & aromas in our Pineapple Express strain. We specifically curated this trending strain for a unique Napa food & wine pairing experience for the discerning cannasseurs palette.

Pairing Food with Pineapple Express

A white fish like cod or tilapia pairs nicely with your wine & Pineapple Express. The earthiness of the flower enhances the flavors of the fish and fresh greens. Other foods that pair well are chicken, green vegetables, and herb-forward sauces like pesto, chimichurri and curry sauce; they all play well on the palate. When you align  these ingredients with the smoothness of these wines and Abide flower you will be hard-pressed to find a more pleasant uplifting tasting experience.

Abides Private Reserve Guava Gelato (H) 27.8%

Abide cleverly curated this particular phenotype of Guava Gelato to enhance your creative mojo and give you a break from the mundane everyday life. Abide Guava Gelato will get your creative juices flowing leaving you feeling uplifted and happy. You may become super giggly. Best known for its delicious flavor and long-lasting full-bodied high that’s perfect for a number of activities such as painting, arts, crafts, enjoying a ride on the wine train, live music shows, or even window shopping around town. Combined with its moderately high 25-29% THC level, it makes this strain an evenly balanced hybrid 50% indica/50% sativa from Scherbinski, in which Abide selected this delicious phenotype of the Guava Gelato strain.

The cross strains are Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Consumers adore it specifically for its amazing taste. Like its name suggests, Guava Gelato has a sweet, fruity and tropical guava flavor with hints of sharp citrus accented by a creamy exhale. This flavor foundation is not just built off of the tropical fruits but you will also find some spicy notes like thyme, dried roses, potpourri and some light touches of earthy herbs. This bud has dense popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with lots of thin amber hairs and a coating of tiny crystal clear trichomes. Truly a great contrast between sweet and spicy…Enjoy!

Typical Effects

Creativity, Happy, Uplifting, Euphoria, Easily Aroused.

Common usage

Aches, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Insomnia, ADD or ADHD, Stress, Migraines.


Citrus, Herbal, Spicy, Tropical.


Citrus, Fruity, Sweet.

Pairing Wine with Abide Guava Gelato 

Napa does Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinot Noir wines better than anyone else. They have a broad spectrum of flavor and aroma from tart & sweet citrus to sour berry fruits and spicy earthy herbs just like Abides Guava Gelato. We specifically curated this trending strain for a unique Napa food & wine pairing experience for the discerning cannasseurs palette.

Pairing Food with Abide Guava Gelato 

To pair, or not to Pair! That is the question! It’s an easy decision because Abide Guava Gelato will pair with just about anything! It is one of the most food-friendly pairing flowers. Believe it or not, Abide’s Guava Gelato pairs with nearly all red meat, including prime rib, New York strip and filet mignon. Also try lamb, pepper crusted ahi tuna or any Italian dish like pizza, pasta with tomato-based sauces, rustic garden herbs and any citrus fruit  will pair beautifully. Other notable favorite pairing foods are barbecue pork ribs, beet salad with goat cheese, lamb chops, brie, gouda, and manchego cheese.

Abides Private Reserve Pluto (I) 31.2%

Abide needed to curate this particular phenotype of Pluto for patients that need a strong medicinal cannabis or enjoy enhanced euphoria. This Indica is out of this world and will make you feel next level euphoria. Your high will turn sedative in 20-45 minutes after smoking best be ready to Netflix & chill on the couch because you’ll be couch locked. Order up your favorite DoorDash and try pairing your Pluto with some of our recommended food & wine pairing dishes from one of our famed local eateries. Introducing different terpenes from the food & wine you eat will enhance your overall high!

Abide’s Pluto flower should not be confused with the like-named “Pluto Kush ”. Abides Pluto is an indica dominant hybrid strain 70% indica/ 30% sativa. It’s a Frankenstein strain created through an unknown combination of other hybrid strains. Pluto is sought out for its high THC levels and stimulating yet soothing high. This high will get cerebral within a few minutes and after your final exhale, it will fill your mind with an out-of-this-world heady  stimulation. You’ll be mentally relaxed yet wide awake, simply sitting back and enjoying the world passing by around you. A deep physical relaxation comes next, washing over you and helping you to really stretch out and relax. With these effects and its high 28-33% THC level, Pluto is often said to have an edge in treating conditions such as chronic stress, headaches or migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has a sour cherry berry fig flavor with a lightly fruity exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a sour berry woody overtone accented by skunky earthiness and a touch of spice. Pluto buds have dense and small hand-shaped dark olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, thin red-orange hairs and chunky purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Typical Effects

Body High, Calming, Cerebral, Relaxing, Sleepy.

Common usage

Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Headaches, insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Stress.


Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Pine, Sour.


Berry, Skunky, Sour, Woody.

Pairing Wine with Abides Pluto

Thanks to Napa‘s unique growing regions we can grow heavy body wines like Syrah, Merlot & Zinfandel. We were lucky to find Abides Pluto because you’ll find similar flavors & aromas in all of those wines. You will detect notes of vanilla, fig, sour berries and earthy minerals. We specifically curated this trending strain for a unique Napa food & wine pairing experience for the discerning cannasseurs palette.

Pairing Food with Abides Pluto

Steaks, burgers, barbecue, especially american barbecue, pork chops, turkey braises and stews  are the perfect pairing with our Pluto flower. These heavy satisfying meals will compliment your mood. The big body red wines with their tart and fruity elements will compliment these food dishes and send you into a lethargic slumber dreaming about the stars.

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