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For this week’s brand spotlight we’d like to take some time to talk about one of our favorite California cannabis brands. Sol Spirit is a small family-owned cannabis company that consistently produces some of the best cannabis flower that comes through our doors. 

Sustainable Cannabis Grown With Care And Passion

All of Sol Spirit’s cannabis flower is grown in-house, or more like in-farm. Their small family farm is located in California’s beautiful Emerald Triangle (Trinity County) and specializes in the production of sustainable and environmentally-friendly cannabis. Today, Sol Spirit grows a variety of different strains nourished with crystal clear water and California sunshine. 

Sustainable Cannabis Grown

As passionate environmentalists, the Sol Spirit team has been growing cannabis for a long time and is dedicated to growing clean and pure sun-grown cannabis that is free of pesticides and other chemicals. They love what they do and it shows. Their cannabis has won several awards and is beloved by consumers for its potency, flavor, and purity. 

Feel like taking a trip out to the Emerald Triangle? Sol Spirit also offers retreat getaways on their beautiful farm, allowing you to enjoy cannabis in a friendly, peaceful, and quiet space. Each tent space features real beds, its own private bathhouse with running water, and lots of space to unwind and relax. Check out their website to learn more or to book a retreat today. 

Sol Spirit Cannabis at Abide Napa

If clean and sun-grown cannabis sounds like your kind of thing then come down to Abide Napa today or shop our online menu right now to enjoy a variety of different Sol Spirit strains and pre- rolls. Here are a few of our favorite Sol Spirit products you might consider trying next time you drop by. 

Sol Shine 

Sol Spirit’s Shine strain is a multiple-award winner having picked up honorable mentions at both WEEDCON and the Emerald Cup in 2021. This sativa-dominant strain can simply be described in one word: joyful. With Shine, you can expect a happy, uplifting, and energizing high that is perfect for outdoor daytime activities. Sol Shine produces a lively euphoria that can be felt throughout both mind and body. Loaded with terpenes and featuring a 20%+ THC percentage, this strain is an absolute must-try for any sativa lover. 

Sol Headband

Headband by Sol is a hybrid created through the genetic mixing of legendary West Coast strains OG Kush (an indica) and Sour Diesel (a sativa). This hybrid indica vs sativa strain showdown produces a really nice blend of both heady and physical effects. You can expect a spacey and floaty buzz with a significant amount of body euphoria. It also features a smooth and creamy flavor with notes of lime and diesel that give it a bright aroma and taste. 

Sol Pre-Rolls

Batches of cannabis flower aren’t the only way to enjoy Sol’s fantastic cultivars. They also take the time to roll their finely grown bud into pre-rolls that you can find right here at our dispensary. If they grow it, then chances are that you can also find it in pre-roll form. 

Sol Pre-Rolls

Sol Spirit: Final Thoughts

With their dedication to growing clean, high-quality cannabis that cares for people and the planet, we hope you can see why at Abide we’re such big fans of Sol Spirit and everything they bring to the California cannabis scene. Check out our online menu to see what kinds of Sol Spirit pre-rolls and other products we’ve got in stock right now. Or, stop by our Napa dispensary today to peruse in person. We look forward to serving you!

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