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Garden Society is a brand that bills itself as offering quality cannabis products for a better quality of life. Their focus on women’s wellness through cannabis, and the top-notch product lineup they’ve developed to support it, have helped them to stand out from other cannabis companies and have made them into one of our favorite active cannabis brands. 

Garden Society: Empowering Women Through Cannabis

Garden Society is a women-forward cannabis company that specializes in producing artisanal-style edibles and sun-grown cannabis pre-rolls. The Garden Society product lineup is designed to empower women looking for a better, more holistic, approach to wellness by introducing them to cannabis products that are effective, easy-to-use, and consistent. These products seek to give women a break from the stresses and turbulence of daily life by allowing them to kick back with cannabis that truly works. 

Garden Society is a California brand founded by Erin Gore, a woman Forbes recently named as one of the most powerful in the cannabis industry. Erin and her cofounder Karli Warner are advocates for women-owned cannabis businesses and women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. To that end, Green Society has partnered with organizations that promote and uplift women entrepreneurs in cannabis, and have made it their mission to support other women just as women have supported them. 

Garden Society Artisanal Edibles

Garden Society’s artisanal edibles are cannabis delicacies for those looking for just a little more than the standard gummy or chocolate. 

Their premium cannabis chocolate comes in 3 different varieties: Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt, Spiced Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate with Chai. These bold and robust flavors make Garden Society’s infused chocolates a veritable treat for chocolate and cannabis lovers alike. 

Garden Society Artisanal Edibles

Garden Society has also recently launched a line of Wine Country Gummies, a new and intriguing take on the classic cannabis gummy. Inspired by the incredible flavors of California’s wine country, these Tart Cherry Pinot Noir gummies send your taste buds on a flavor adventure and provide you with a chance to experience a truly unique cannabis edible. Best of all, these gummies are made with a full-spectrum extract to produce more complete effects.

In an industry-changing move, their proprietary technology enables the gummies to be fast-acting, so effects kick in within 15 minutes. We sure love the efficiency.

Garden Society Rosettes Pre-Rolls 

Garden Society’s pre-rolls are called ‘rosettes,’ and they’re made with the same artisanal spirit as all of Garden Society’s edibles. Rosettes are mini pre-rolls weighing in at 0.375 grams per unit and 3.75 grams per package. Available in sativa, indica, and high-CBD varieties, each pre-roll is filled with California, sun-grown, whole-flower cannabis sourced from farms in Mendocino County and Sonoma County. 

Alongside their regular rosettes, Garden Society also produces a hash-infused rosette that is enhanced with dry-sift hash made in-house. Perfect for anyone who likes their joints to be only a little more potent, rosettes are a more chill take on infused joints by staying away from some of the more potent extracts featured in many other infused pre-rolls. 

These tiny pre-rolls bring together premium cannabis flower, local farmers, and sustainable growing practices to create a cannabis experience that is a testament to California’s cannabis culture. If you love California cannabis, you’re sure to love these. 

Garden Society Rosettes Pre-Rolls

Garden Society Cannabis At Abide Napa

We’ve always got a variety of Garden Society cannabis products on hand at our Napa dispensary. Come see us in person or use the online menu on our website to shop this exciting women-led selection of cannabis products available both in-store and for delivery. We look forward to serving you!

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