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Connected Cannabis is probably about as big as a company can get while still retaining a boutique aura. They have three different locations throughout California, Stockton, San Francisco, and Sacramento. However, you can also find their cannabis products on dispensary shelves throughout the state, including right here at Abide Napa

In this post, we’ll look at the straight dope behind Connected Cannabis. We’ll also explore its strain and disposable imprint brand, Alien Labs.

Connected Cannabis: Designer Flower at Its Finest

Generally, Connected Cannabis has made itself known as a premium flower company. High-end strains like Gelonade, Highrise, and Nightshade all test over 30% THC, putting them in a potency category all their own.

As a result, Connected has cultivated a reputation for being the go-to company for “designer weed.” To that end, the company has collaborated with other cannabis entrepreneurs like Travis Scott. Connected Cannabis even once claimed to cultivate the most expensive strain in California. In addition to cannabis products, Connected Cannabis also mints fresh apparel like t-shirts.

Although Connected Cannabis may have been the company’s first brand, it won’t be its last. Instead, you can find the company’s products under different names.

What Is Alien Labs?

Alien Labs is probably the best-known imprint brand under the Connected Cannabis umbrella. Connected purchased Alien Labs and has since collaborated with cannabis industry heavy-hitters like Migos and Young Thug. Their products generally fall into one of two categories: flower and concentrates. 

Alien Labs Strains

Like any good cannabis brand, Alien Labs knows that a company is only as good as its flower. That’s why it’s developed its own quiver of high-grade proprietary strains. Some of their best include:

  • Area 41: This cross between Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41 checks off all the boxes. For one, it’s highly powerful. It also has an intense burst of citrus taste, making Area 41 a fast favorite of anyone who likes lemon- or orange-flavored strains.
  • Y2K: Alien Labs bred this strain to be a celebration of the powerful purple strains typical of the Bay Area in the 2000s. This strain stands out, and we’re not the only ones that think so. Leafly named Y2K its “Strain of Summer 2022.” Definitely don’t miss this Purple Urkle and Planet Dosi cross—you won’t be disappointed.
  • Xeno: A superbly sedating indica, Xeno is what you get when you cross Zkittlez with Kush Mints. It has a sweet, earthy scent with citrusy undertones, which draws you in and makes you crave a taste. You can find Xeno in massive 1g pre-rolls.

Alien Labs Carts and Disposables

Some of the most popular products that Alien Labs produces are its disposable vape pens and cartridges. These both come pre-filled with either a gram or half a gram of concentrate. Cartridges can attach to any 510 battery, the “industry standard” when it comes to cannabis vape batteries.

Alien Labs’ disposables are what really help set them apart. These super-convenient vape sticks come pre-charged with about 75 deep pulls each. Once you finish, simply throw it away – you’re all done! While plenty of people have asked how to charge an Alien Labs disposable vape, it’s simply not possible. That’s not really a problem though, since you can just pick up another at your next dispensary trip!

Connected Cannabis and Alien Labs at Abide Napa

Stop by our dispensary today to chat with our team about which Connected and Alien Labs products we currently have in stock. Curious about cannabis products from other top brands? Browse our menu to discover your next favorite strain, concentrate, or infused product. We look forward to seeing you!

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