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For this brand spotlight, we’d like to focus on Kanha: One of the best edible gummy makers in the game. Kanha specializes in making top-of-the-line cannabis gummies that are prized for both their consistency and their intensely delightful flavors.

Kanha Gummies: Bursting With Flavor  

Let’s begin by saying that all of the Kanha gummies reviews that we’ve gotten from customers at our Napa dispensary have been positive. And that’s no surprise to us—we’ve tasted them. Made from all-natural ingredients, their gummies come in a variety of fruit flavors that will make your taste buds jump for joy. 

Kanha gummies also come in a variety of different cannabinoid ratios for flexible dosing. You can find cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, and CBN in their gummies, sometimes all at once. They even offer gluten-free and vegan gummy varieties for those who prefer them. 

Kanaha gummies are made with high-quality cannabis oil derived from beautiful cannabis flower grown for maximum flavor and potency. Additionally, the flower used to extract their oil is grown without the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides. Just to make sure they’ve done their job right, Kanha’s oil is carefully lab-tested for purity and potency before it’s infused into their gummies. 

Today, Kanha is one of the most popular gummy brands in the Western United States and quickly growing in Canada as well. Over the years, their success has inspired them to keep expanding their product lineup, always working towards innovative and exciting gummy flavors and varieties. After several new additions, their lineup now includes their classic Kanha Gummies, Kanha Nano Gummies, Kanha Nano Vegan Gummies, Kanha CBD Gummies, and their high-dose ultra-potent Kanha Cannabis Belts. 

Kanha Gummies at Abide Napa

Kanha Gummies at Abide Napa

Ready to try out some of Kanha’s delicious gummies for yourself? Then come on down to our dispensary in Napa today or have a look at our online menu right now to shop a huge selection of cannabis edibles, including several different varieties of Kanha gummies. 

Not sure what to try first? Here’s what we think you should try out based on our own experiences and on past positive Kanha gummies reviews from our customers!

Kanha Cannabis Infused Gummies

Kanha’s classic gummy lineup includes several different kinds of THC gummies and CBD gummies, and even their highly recommended 1:1:1 Tranquility gummies that include CBN in addition to THC and CBD. Kanha’s Tranquility gummies are also infused with melatonin, making them a great support for falling asleep at the end of a long day. 

If you’re looking for something for daytime use then try out their 1:1 Pink Lemonade gummies. These feature 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD per gummy and have a sweet and sour taste that you’re sure to love. 

Kanha Nano Gummies

Kanha Nano Gummies

The wait time for edibles to kick in can vary widely. That’s why Kanha harnessed the power of nanomolecular technology to create Nano Gummies–edibles that kick in much quicker. By breaking cannabinoids down into smaller nanoparticles, they’ve also made them easier to absorb and faster-acting. 

If you’re looking for some edibles with a quicker onset time then make sure to check out Kanha’s 20:1 high-CBD Watermelon gummies, their 100% THC Blood Orange gummies, and their Paradise Passionfruit high-THC gummies

Kahna Gummies: Final Thoughts

Kahna knows how to do gummies right. With an emphasis on quality, flavor and innovation they have managed to become the go-to gummy for many of our customers and edible lovers across the United States. 
After you’ve tried some of Kahna’s delectable treats, we’d love to know what you think! Drop us a line anytime. You can also stop by our dispensary to see what Kahna products we’ve currently got in stock, or browse our menu from the comfort of home. We look forward to serving you!

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