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Almora transcends most other cannabis brands, with their commitment to being “naturally better” paving the way for their continued success. Their ideals center around wholesome marijuana genetics, tender cultivation, and a sincere commitment to the plant: Which is why we want to give Almora a brand spotlight in this week’s post.

Most notably, we want to touch on why Almora’s sativa strains and indica strains consistently make the cut for anyone seeking great cannabis flower. We’ll also highlight some of the most popular (and our favorite!) strains of the bunch. So, let’s dive into our brand spotlight on Almora!


A Powerful Cannabis Flower Sativa Strain: Cherry Punch

Among the most popular of the many sativa strains Almora offers is the Cherry Punch strain. As you might imagine based solely on its name, it can pack quite a punch. The flavors, though, are also distinctively leaning into the cherry side of fruity, with an earthy undertone to follow.

A cross between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch, the Cherry Punch strain from Almora is a heavy hitter. The hand-trimmed, sun-grown flowers were cultivated to perfection, delivering a sativa-heavy hybrid. 

As far as effects go, many agree it carries a slight body high and a heady euphoria. Overall, many note the strain’s ability to help stimulate productivity while still inducing calm and relaxation. One thing to consider, though: keep snacks on hand to munch after indulging in Cherry Punch. This strain can cause some serious munchies!

Almora delivers its marijuana flower in airtight packaging after harvest and curing for the freshest cannabis flower experience. With thoughtfully curated genetics, each strain stands out as unique and worthy of trying.

And while some users do prefer one type of cannabis over the other, when it comes to Almora the brand is a grade-A pick whether you opt for indica strains or sativa strains.


A Potent Marijuana Flower Indica Strain: Fatso

Since we’re also hyping Almora’s indica strains, the Fatso strain can’t help but stand out. The indica hybrid often hits near 30% THC content, lovingly grown on their California farms. Its lineage stems from a cross between Legends OG and GMO Cookies.

With its high potency and solid genetics, Fatso is definitely worth seeking out—but all of Almora’s strains have something interesting to offer. Depending on the time of day it’s consumed, some indicas can help you still feel energetic. They may also stimulate euphoria, relaxation, happiness, and an uplifting sensation.

In the end, of course, it all comes down to preference. Thanks to Almora’s commitment to high cultivation standards across a wide variety of strains, there really is something for everyone.

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