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If you love joints, then you’ll definitely love pre-rolls. What are pre-rolls? They’re exactly what you think—joints that have already been rolled for you. Pre-rolls can be a super convenient way to save time. Plus, if you’re not a particularly great joint roller, cannabis pre-rolls will still allow you to enjoy a perfectly rolled joint every time. 

We see many kinds of pre-rolls at our Napa dispensary, but recently one brand really sticks out. Highrize is a brand that does one thing: make pre-rolls and make them well. From their mini pre-rolls to their full-size pre-rolls and their infused pre-rolls, they produce excellent joints packed with premium California cannabis. Here’s a little bit about this California brand and some of the exciting Highrize pre-rolls we’re loving right now. 

Highrize: Premium Cannabis, Premium Pre-rolls

Highrize Cannabis Pre Rolls

It’s all about the pre-rolls. 

Highrize cannabis comes from humble beginnings amid California’s beautiful natural scenery. Tom, the founder of Highrize, is a lover of the outdoors and found that cannabis could help to enhance his connection to nature and his surroundings. Building on this connection, Tom began rolling his own pre-rolls to carry with him on his outdoor adventures, sharing them with other nature lovers and making many friends along the way.

What started as a small joint-rolling operation in Tom’s garage quickly grew into a respected cannabis brand as Tom’s pre-rolls began to fly off California dispensary shelves. Highrize then began to construct a network of trusted California cannabis growers from which to source their cannabis to ensure that their pre-rolls contained only the best California-grown cannabis flower out there. After all, what are pre-rolls without some fine bud? 

Today, Highrize offers a selection of cannabis mini pre-rolls, full-sized pre-rolls, and hash-infused flower pre-rolls. You can find their cannabis pre-rolls at dispensaries right here at Abide Napa

What are pre-rolls we recommend? Here are a few Highrize cannabis pre-rolls that we’ve come to love.

Infused Lemon OG Mini Pre-rolls

Lemon OG, also known as Lemon OG Kush, is a indica-dominant strain known for its quick-hitting, sedative properties. This citrusy and fruity strain usually delivers both a heavy body high and a spaced-out head buzz that are great for both recreational and medicinal use. Even better, this pre-roll is infused with Cereal Milk hash to truly give you the best of both worlds: an uplifting head high and a super relaxing body stone. 

Best Pre Rolls

Clementine Mini Pre-rolls

Clementine is a stimulating and energizing sativa strain that should leave you feeling very uplifted. Its sweet taste and a citrusy aroma that will have your taste buds doing backflips. Great in both mini and full sized pre-rolls.

Jedi Kush Pre-rolls

Come over to the dark side and enjoy these hard-hitting indica pre-rolls that are sure to have you buzzing. This strain is known for imparting a mix of cerebral and physical effects to take you for an intergalactic ride that’ll have you feeling great from head to toe. Expect a multi-layered high that you’ll want to come back to time and time again. 

Wondering where to buy mini pre-rolls, full-sized pre-rolls, or infused pre-rolls? Then come by Adibe Napa today or check out our online menu now for a wide selection of excellent pre-rolls, including many Highrize varieties. If you’re located in our delivery zone, you are also welcome to place an order for delivery instead and we’ll stop by to see you soon!

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