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Pure. Potent. Perfect. These are words that the brand, Heavy Hitters, always aims to live by. They use no shortcuts, no substitutes, and make absolutely no compromises, especially when it comes to quality. And we respect that.

Heavy Hitters is one of the most popular—and jaw-droppingly potent—THC cartridge and pre-roll brands on the market. They’re a Los Angeles-born company that’s both family-owned and -operated. Their focus since day one has been to make “kick ass oil” you’re sure to remember; pardon the language.

Beyond their THC cartridge strains, they also excel in the premium pre-roll market. You can even grab some of their vape batteries to make the whole experience smoother. Within this brand spotlight, allow us to take a moment to highlight some of their best and brightest strains.

Heavy Hitters

THC Cartridge Options Aplenty

Heavy Hitters offers an abundance of THC cartridge choices, as well as pre-rolls. The first highlight is that of the Acapulco Gold THC cartridge. With a powerful THC content upwards of 90%, this impressively strong sativa can take you for a ride. 

Enjoy a profile that tends to deliver a euphoric, uplifting, and motivating high. Plus, the taste comes off both sweet and creamy, albeit a bit earthy. Ultra pure and ultra potent, all of Heavy Hitters’ carts are made with 100% native cannabis terpenes.

Next up is the Sour Diesel THC cartridge, a Heavy Hitters popular success. This sativa strain also has an earthy taste, with an herbal, peppery, and almost citrusy aftertaste. Many fans feel calm but focused and maybe even a bit creative after a puff on this Sour Diesel strain. Clocking in above 88% THC, this strain in packin’.

Finally, what better way to finish the list than with an indica THC cartridge? Here, Diablo OG comes into play, with a 90.5% THC count and 0.27% CBD count. Flower-forward in taste, you’ll also pick up notes of citrus in these leaves. It may also taste woody, maybe even with a bit of spice.

Diablo OG’s profile is known for delivering a calm and sleepy but euphoric, full-body high. OG Kush crossed with Diablo made this legendary strain possible. Thanks to Heavy Hitters, you can get your hands on it any time.

Unforgettable Pre-rolls

Unforgettable Pre-rolls

Although there’s quite a following of fans who love Heavy Hitters’ THC cartridges, we can’t forget about the brand’s onpoint pre-rolls. Just as legendary, their Diamond Infused pre-rolls are available whenever you want to go old school.

Decadent options include Black Cherry Gelato in a 1-gram pre-roll or a 3-pack of half-gram Blue Slushie pre-rolls. Pre-roll THC content for Heavy Hitters lands between 40% and 60%. You’ll definitely want to get a taste.

Finally, don’t forget either about the vape batteries. It doesn’t help to have a THC cartridge with nothing to power it. Save yourself the time and hassle by nabbing some vape batteries, too. Theirs rock.

Heavy Hitters offers its own auto-start battery, which has three different voltage settings. Compatible with all 510 thread carts, and Micro-USB capable, it’s a perfect pick for newbies and experienced cannabis consumers alike.Check out our menu to see what we have in stock today, from Heavy Hitters THC cartridges to pre-rolls to vape batteries.

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