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Have you ever longed for a fast, efficient, and discrete way to consume THC and CBD? At some point, we all have. And so did the folks at Level. It’s no secret that one brand is dominating the infused capsule game. Learn more about their futuristic pill, known as the protab.

The founders of the company are the people behind the Protab, the Hashtab, and the Tablingual, a suite of THC and CBD pills that hit hard, work fast and don’t mess around. We’ll take a look at Level and some of their products (including their hangover helper tablets and Indica pills) in this post.

Level: Advanced THC and CBD Pills

While many cannabis companies have founders that were cannabis growers or businesspeople, that’s not the case with Level. Instead, the company’s founder has a medical background. Founder Chris Emerson, Ph.D. considered a career in the pharmaceutical industry. But after starting his own journey down the path of plant medicine, he knew that his future was in cannabis, not medication.

Emerson’s doctorate in small molecule chemistry gave him the perfect background to create THC and CBD pills like Level’s Protabs. He believed that fast-acting cannabinoid tablets could radically shift the cannabis industry’s paradigms and create a niche for a product that didn’t even exist yet.

What Is a Protab?

What sets Level apart from other cannabis companies is the Protab. These little capsules may look like a standard marijuana tablet at first. But they’re anything but typical.

When he was designing the Protab, Emerson noticed something about the cannabis industry. It seemed like every product (he said about 85 percent of all products on the market) focused on utilizing the power of THC. If he could harness the power of other, less-common cannabinoids, Emerson thought, he could change the face of the edible industry. And thus, the Protab was born.

Advanced THC and CBD Pills

Instead of just focusing on THC, Emerson also included CBD, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids in many of his Protab formulas. In addition, he also added delta-8-THC, a cannabinoid that’s only just begun to catch on, into the Protab recipe. By combining these three cannabinoids, Level has created a next-level tablet that’s fast, simple, and effective.

The response to the Protab has seemed to confirm Emerson’s theories. According to marijuana data company BSDA, Level’s Protabs have become the best-selling cannabis pills in California. And their popularity only continues to increase as time passes.

Our Favorite Level Products at Abide Napa

Want to get in on Level’s THC and CBD Protab pill craze? Check out these three offerings we have at Abide Napa. You’ll begin to feel each Protab in about 30-90 minutes, and its effects will last between 3 and 6 hours.

CBD Protab Pill

Level’s CBD Protab is a great way to take the edge off, de-stress, fall asleep, or even soothe chronic aches and pains. Each pack comes with 10 protabs, each containing 25 mg of CBD. If you want to take a smaller dose, you can easily break the pill in half.

Hangover Helper Protab

Did you celebrate a little too much last night? Level’s Hangover Protab can help. Each pill holds a blend of 8 mg THCA, 5.7 mg CBD, 5.4 mg CBG, 2.8 mg Delta-8 THC, and 2 mg THC. Emerson created this formula especially for soothing even the roughest hangover. 

Indica Protab Pills

Sometimes, you just want to take some cannabis to feel good. That’s exactly the purpose of these Indica Protab pills. Each pack contains 10 pills with 25 mg of THC each, for a total of 250 mg THC per box. In addition to THC, Level infuses each pill with terpenes to empower their effects. 

Level Protab Spotlight: Wrapping Up

Interested in exploring a carefully curated selection of top-tier cannabis products? We’ve got you covered! 

Browse our full menu to find your next favorite strain or product. Or come on in to our Napa dispensary to explore the Level products we currently have in stock with the help of our friendly team. Either way, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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