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This week, we wanted to give Rove a much-deserved brand spotlight. The cannabis company makes products using only 100% pure organically grown cannabis. 

Through every step of the process—from cultivation all the way to the final cartridge—everything is done in-house. More than that, Rove takes the utmost pride in bringing its consumers the greatest tasting, highest-quality products around. 

Rove’s goal is to provide the ultimate individualized cannabis experience. Fortunately, Rove accomplishes this goal easily with their premium live resin and quality cannabis flower.

In this brand spotlight, we want to take a look closer at some of their hardest-hitting products. Find out about our favorites, the best products Rove offers, and everything in between. Let’s dive in!

Premium Live Resin

Premium Live Resin That Hits the Mark

Dabs are becoming increasingly popular, and none are quite as fine as the dabs from Rove. Their live resin products are both potent and memorable. 

Take the Caramel Apple Gelato strain, for example. This strain is a cross between Apple Cider and Jet Fuel Gelato and known for its trio of terpenes including caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. At one gram of cured resin per cartridge, you’ll be sure to enjoy its tart and sweet profile.

In fact, each of the brand’s live resin diamonds was extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower, and they’ve developed a gradual separation process that solidifies the THC within the plant. 

This process forms a liquid-like, high-terpene extract while simultaneously creating large diamond-like crystals. Diamond crystals then get reintroduced into a precise concoction of high terpene extract which results in the perfect dabbable product.

Runtz Breath, another live resin strain from Rove, is a cross between the Zkittlez strain and the Gelato strain—more specifically, Gelato #33. As a mix of these two very popular varieties, Runtz Breath has a smooth flavor with earthy, tropical hints throughout. Some describe the effects as being a kid in a candy store.

Quality Cannabis Flower Grown to Exacting Standards

Rove’s cannabis flower also offers plenty to write home about. The Bubble Burzt buds from Rove’s Featured Farms line, for example, cross Blue Sherbet with Zkittlez for a total THC content clocking in at the high 20% range. 

Bubble Burzt also has a distinctive terpene profile dominated by limonene, linalool, and myrcene. Combined, the terpenes result in a dessert-like, sweet, berry flavor that lingers on the tongue. Even better, though, the effects are often described as stimulating relief, relaxation, and a sense of calm for the user.

With the commitment to an exacting standard and high quality, Rove has certainly carved out a place for themselves among distinguishing cannabis lovers.  Beyond its products, the brand has also built a foundation of transparency, honesty, and simplicity. These combined factors build trust in the brand that’s hard to beat. 

Cannabis Flower

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Be sure to check out our featured Rove products today to see which catches your eye. From cartridges to live resin and cannabis flower, they’re sure to have something that excites and impresses you. Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out: We’re always happy to help. Or check out our online menu to shop from the comfort of home. We look forward to serving you!

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